Galaxy Nexus, Rezound or Droid RAZR? How do you choose?

It is rare that we as geeks have one device to be excited about much less three simultaneously, but that is exactly what happened with Verizon's latest generation of Android phonesSamsung Galaxy Nexus vs the HTC Rezound vs the Motorola Droid RAZR.

RAZRRAZRThe reality is these cell phones are all great tech gadgets; you cannot go wrong purchasing any of these amazing Android devices. If you're like me, when faced with the choice of multiple products I use price as my guide, unfortunately we are out of luck here because all three phones are basically the same cost currently.RezoundRezoundWith price out of the picture, it is imperative to look at all three and their many remarkable functions to determine which phone is right for your use.

The Motorola Droid RAZR and the HTC Rezound both have 8.0 MP rear-facing cameras, while the Galaxy Nexus has a 5.0 MP rear facing camera. Fewer megapixels is a disappointment however Nexus has made up for this hardware deficiency with advanced camera software.  The HTC Rezound’s front facing camera is slightly better at 2.0 MP while the other two have a 1.3 MP front facing cameras.

Both the Droid RAZR and the Galaxy Nexus have comparable usage time on their batteries at 700+ minutes, however the HTC Rezound only measured in at 400 minutes of usage time, this is a huge disappointment considering the Rezound wants to be a media-based phone. All three phones sport NexusNexussuperfast 4G technologywith integrated e-mail, contacts, calendars, social media, hotspot capabilities, Wi-Fi and the myriad of other features we've grown to demand from our smartphones.

As a Google flagship phone, the Galaxy Nexus does not offer the visual voicemail software the other two phones have because it integrates with Google Voice by default. The Nexus also does not offer VZ Navigator or VCAST video. 

Essentially many of the standard smartphonefeatures Android phones typically offer, remain the same among these three phones, where they differ are in aesthetics and smallRAZRRAZRtechnological advances. The Droid RAZR is the sleekest of the three with an outer Kevlar shell rumored to be capable of stopping one 9 mm round (Full disclosure: I did not test this rumor!). The RAZR is the thinnest of the bunch at 0.28”, weighing in at 4.48oz. Motorola crafted a fine phone with the Droid RAZR and it is a lot of power packed into a small tool.

NexusNexusAlthough the Galaxy Nexus did not have quite the camera capabilities of the other two phones it is impossible not to notice the amazingdisplay screen and size. The Galaxy Nexus is the first phone to market using Ice Cream Sandwich which is an amazing improvement ofGingerbread the OS on most Android phones in the marketplace today. The Nexus is fast to use, easy to learn and fun to play with and includes a beautiful display screen and superb integration with all Google apps.

The HTC Rezound comes complete with theBeats Audio headphones and advanced music software.  Beats Audio’s goal is to redefine how digital music is heard through a portable device. What the Rezound lacks in battery life, it certainly makes up for with its musicalRezoundRezoundcapabilities, sleek looks and HTC Sense user interface. 

In summary with all of the recent technology advances and the anticipated rollout of Ice Cream Sandwich to many of the Android phones in the upcoming months, it is a good time to be a geek!  If you simply want me to be a tiebreaker this is what you should consider: 

  • RAZR: There is no better looking phone on the market today than the Droid RAZR. The fashion conscious should definitely consider this phone if only for looks alone!
  • Nexus: Although the Ice Cream Sandwich OTA push should come in the next few months, with the Galaxy Nexus being Google's flagship phone it is sure to get every update sooner than any other manufacture. For the true geek the Nexus may be the phone to have even with the small disparity in the camera megapixel capability.
  • Rezound: With the HTC Sense software, switching between playtime and business is very simple. This phone is for people who are interested in media and often watch movies or listen to music on their phone but still need full integration with their corporate world.  The Audio Beats headphones are a huge bonus for this device.

    So which do you think is the best?


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