Google, Microsoft And Facebook And More Join Forces to Tackle Phishing Emails

15 companies including Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Yahoo and PayPal have joined forces to try and combat Phishing scams via email. The partnership has created a new antiphishing standard called Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance
The new standard has been created to provide a system for verifying e-mails are originating from legitimate companies and not impostors trying to trick Internet users into clicking a phishing link. Providing companies with a legitimate way to communicate with their customers.
The new DMARC standard has been built to fit into an organisation’s existing inbound email authentication process. The way it works is to help email receives determine if the purported message “aligns” with what the receiver knows about the sender.
Adam Dawes, a Gmail product manager explains: “About 15 percent of all e-mail in the Gmail in-boxes comes from these organizations that have published these DMARC records,”-”That means that these records can not be domain spoofed.”
Other large companies within the new new partnership include AOL, Bank of America, Fidelity Investments, American Greetings, LinkedIn, and e-mail security providers Agari, Cloudmark, eCert, Return Path, and Trusted Domain Project.


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