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I am Dinesh Kothari from Chennai. the admin and editor of geekOgizmo,Currently doing Btech in the field of Computer Science Engineering. I am normally friendly. I don't particularly judge people by their lifestyle but rather by their attitude and behaviour, and likewise i hate people with orthodox mentality :X can't stand their bull crap.. love to hang out with people who are actually nice stuff... and i ♥ the word "intrigue".... i normally install it in anything i do :P i try to find deep meaning from tifle things and sometimes over look a big incident.

Note to self: do grow up till the next birthday
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Insane guy, almost always out of the box, playing against the rules, challenging the odds and yet with the crowd :) A computer geek, loves programming kinndf stuffz n music freak....Coldplay's big fan......u can see me as an eclectic collection of all that is good and evil attempting to find a balance for the welfare of all...but still.. rambling here and there for inner peace.

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