Secret Agent Style: Bluetooth Stereo Qi-wear Sunglasses

As an avid cell phone user, I am on a never ending quest for a better headset. I mean, come on, cell phones are for playing games, texting on, watching movies or social media not for talking! Unfortunately at Qi-wear tintedQi-wear tintedsome point we all need to actually make a voice call and hands-free is a must. 
Obviously one of the biggest problems withBluetooth headsets is that you look like a dork while wearing them and while we may be geeks, we don't want to look dorky! Finally there is a solution to this problem that is sure to appeal to your inner secret agent persona: the Qi-wear Stereo Bluetooth Eyewear with maximum protection for your vision, hearing and style!

The Qi-wear headset by iharmonix is an integrated stereo sunglass device with dual earpieces which fit into your ears via the sunglass frame. The ear protection was designed by industry leader Howard Leight who is known as an innovator in ear hearing protection and focuses on combining advanced technologies with comfort and protection. Qi-wear was designed for a loud environment such as outdoors or in open air arena such as bicycling or motorcycling. The Howard Leight SmartFit ear tips are able to block out hazardous unwanted noises while providing clear stereo sound.
Qi-wear clearQi-wear clear
Qi-wear has 2.1+ EDR Bluetooth communication which easily connects to any Bluetooth Enabled device and provides 6 hours of continuous talk time, 8 hours of continuous music play and is able to remain on standby for up to 7 days. Qi-wear includes an interchangeable and rechargeable lithium polymer battery, Uvex Genesis clear, gray and amber lenses as well as a hardcover carry case. The lenses are exclusive Ultra-Dura anti-scratch coated promising three times the life of normal lenses. For prescription glasses there is a soft but secure prescription lens holder which easily snaps into place with one hand. You can get these sunglasses here.
I can’t help but wonder how different the hilarious Super Troopers Meow scene would have been with the trooper wearing Qi-wear so his partner could have counted meows from the squad car instead of laughing in person. Can you hear meow?


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