In Car iPad 2 Mount backSTAGE Pro II Unveiled By Scosche

Apple iPad 2 owners looking to entertain passengers in the car, who may not have a state-of-the-art in car entertainment system. Might be pleased to learn Scosche has unveiled a new product to their range called the backSTAGE Pro II. Which makes mounting an iPad 2 for viewing by rear seat passengers very easy.
Scosche’s backSTAGE Pro II iPad 2 mount is fixed to the uprights of the driver and front passenger seats headrest. Providing a secure attachment to the iPad 2 case which can then be angled for the perfect viewing position.
Scosche's backSTAGE Pro II iPad 2 mount
Rather than using nylon straps like some other manufacturers Scosche’s backSTAGE Pro II iPad 2 mount is constructed from aluminium, and includes a discreet 12 V power cord that can be easily hidden under the flooring or doormats within your car. Providing a continual source of power directly to your iPad 2 during those extended journeys.
When you need to leave the car Scosche has designed the case of the backSTAGE Pro II to be easily removed, leaving the fixing bracket in place when she returned. Scosche’s backSTAGE Pro II iPad 2 mount is now available to purchase priced at $180.


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