Magnus iPad 2 Stand, Uses The iPads Built-in Magnets For Support

If you are in the market for a minimalist stand for your iPad. The new Magnus iPad 2 stand which has been designed by Ten One Design might well be worth a look. There are plenty of iPad stands available to purchase, but the new Magnus stand takes a new innovative approach to keeping your iPad 2 attached to the stand and in an upright position, using the internal magnets of the iPad 2. Which were originally added by Apple for use with their Smart Cover.
The foot section of the new minimalist Magnus iPad 2 stand provides just enough metal for the magnets to make contact, and keep the tablet securely enough in place whilst in landscape mode to be used.
Magnus iPad Stand
However when in portrait mode One Ten Design say: “Magnus takes advantage of the magnets in iPad 2, providing a strong connection between Magnus and iPad in landscape mode. Sure, you can carefully set iPad 2 in portrait mode – just don’t breathe.”
Magnus iPad Stand
The Magnus stand is first machine-crafted from pure aluminium and then hand-finished to provide a professional finish. Customised magnets are installed into the base, and rubberised feet are then added to the bottom surface. If the new Magnus is something that would suit your desk its now available to purchase for $50 direct from the One Ten Design website.


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