Good News From Dell: Free Calls via VoIP!

Good news for Canadians who want to stay connected with their loved ones all day long. Delland Fongo are now offering their new mobile application called the Dell Voice.
This could be your answer to high cost bill problems from wireless carriers by placing and receiving calls to landline and mobile phones using the newly launched app.
As part of their carrier’s plans, Dell Voice is loaded with free features which consumers however, must also pay for. Free calls, voice mails, caller ID and call waiting some of what’s in store in this app. Using Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), this application receives and places calls using user’s data connection on the Fibernetics network.
Dell is known for making high performance laptops and desktop computers such as Inspiron, XPS and Alienware while Fongo is currently into the next-generation applications in making possible solutions for emerging cost call problems in Canada.
This feature will be available for Canada shortly and hopefully, it will go international as well.


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