Mozilla Adds New Developer Tools To Firefox (Video)

Mozilla has launched a bunch of new built in developer tools for Firefox, and the new tools are designed to let developers change the look and feel of web sites in real time.
Firefox has launched the Mozilla Full-Screen API for web applications and web sites, this can be used by developers to create full screen games, videos and more.
Forefox Developer Tools
Firefox adds support for features that make it easier to build 3D Web experiences with open technologies. Mozilla pioneered WebGL and introduced it in Firefox. WebGL is aWeb standard that allows websites and Web apps to display hardware-accelerated 3D graphics without third-party software. Firefox now supports Anti-Aliasing for WebGL, allowing developers to create objects that blend together and move smoothly. Firefox also supports CSS 3D Transforms, which lets developers animate and transform two dimensional elements into 3D using HTML5 without the need for third-party plugins.
You can find out full details of the new developer tools in Firefox over at the Mozilla Blog.


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