SolMate iPhone Solar Charger And Battery Case (video)

iPhone users looking for a well-designed solar charger and battery pack case for their smartphone. Might be interested to learn that a new design is currently looking to make the jump from concept to production over on the Kickstarter website.
The new SolMate iPhone case designed by Adam Benzion & Jamie Wojcik, incorporates both a 1600mAH slimline battery that will double the life of your iPhone. Together with a custom designed solar panel that will even charge your device whilst out of direct sunlight and in the shade. Watch the video after the jump to see the technical specifications explained by one of its designers.

The SolMate solar panelled iPhone battery pack is constructed from milled aluminium and silicon-dioxide glass, and has been designed to fit both the iPhone 4 and 4S. SolMate’s designers explain:
“SolMate’s smartly designed microelectronics, Qi inductive charging chip, powerful 18%-efficient solar cell, and custom lithium-ion battery, combined with proprietary power management software and iOS app, deliver an unmatched portable power experience.”
So if you think you could benefit from the SolMate iPhone solar panel and battery case, jump over to the Kickstarter website to place a pledge and help this new design make the jump from concept to production. Even with 30 days still left to go, the new SolMate looks as though it’s going to make it fairly easily as it has already raised $23,000 out of its required $30,000.


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