Protect Your iPhone And The Environment With iNature

For the environmentally-conscious gadget lovers out there, specifically iPhone owners, Med Computer and Biomod have developed a special case that’s made with Mother Earth in mind.
With your iPhone expected not to last forever, and even if it did it’s unlikely you’ll hold on to it with Apple coming out with a new model annually, Med Computer and Biomod figured why not create a biodegradable holder, which they call the iNature iPhone case.
The iNature iPhone case is 100% biodegradable and made from an Italian bio-plastic called Apinat. The iNature case was shown in the recent CES and was even given an honoree award in the Innovations 2012 Design and Engineering Awards.  The environment-friendly case has models for all iPhone variants in different colours and priced at $19.90.
To complete the setup, also on display was an earphone cord organiser called iNature BioRolly, which is your regular cable rewinder that is also biodegradable.


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