Nokia’s Lumia Windows Phone Devices Hit 1 Million Sales In 2011?

Nokia will announced its latest earnings on the 26th of January, and we are expecting to get some actual figures on exactly how many Windows Phone devices the company has sold.
According to a recent report by Bloomberg, who have compiled data from twenty two different analysts, Nokia sold over 1 million Windows Phone smartphones in 2011.
Nokia Lumia 800
The report says that Nokia sold between 1 million and 1.3 million Windows Phone smartphones in 2011, Nokia launched their first Windows Phone device back in November theNokia Lumia 800.
These figures have yet to be confirmed by Nokia, and we suspect that they will be similar to the official figures which are expected next week, and that wouldn’t be a bad start for Nokia and their Windows Phone devices.
Hopefully Nokia will be able to increase sales of their Windows Phone smartphones in the fist quarter of 2012, with the company launching new Windows Phone devices in the US and other countries around the world.


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