NetLED Offers Wireless Lighting Control

Say hello to NetLED, made by the same name, Net Led Technology Corporation from Japan. So what exactly does NetLED do?  In a nutshell, it’s a series of light tubes that may be adjusted through your smartphone via Wi-Fi or through a remote server.
The part where you can control your own lightning while not having to leave your couch is a very attractive idea and the company claims you also get to save up on electricity, provided that you are able to setup around 200 units.
The unique technology will be on sale by next month, make sure though that you have a deep pocket as the light system will be pricey to set up.  To get started, a netLED router will cost $780 while the Wifi equipped LED arrays will set you back $260. It’s indeed pricey, especially if LED lighting isn’t exactly at the top of your wishlist. But for those who can afford it, NetLED could be yours by February 20 as the company promised to sell it starting that day.


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