AntiCrop Adjusts Your Photo Background With Ease

Cropping a photo entails leaving out unwanted parts of the picture but what if you wanted to add a little bit to it, say your head seems a little too close to the edge of a picture? Adva-Soft may have the solution with its AntiCrop app now available for iOS devices.
What it does is extend the background and as long as its homogenous like the sky, grass, sand, water etc, the app will work as intended.  Once you select a photo, the app has an algorithm that automatically clones the adjacent background.  You then have an option on how much you want to add for that final touch before showing off you photos.
Using the app is fairly simple, just import a photograph and then drag the frame located around the photo and drag it to either side or up and down and then let AntiCrop do its work. It may not be applicable to some photos, but a nifty add-on nonetheless.


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