James Bond Style Cufflinks Provide A WiFi Hotspot

Anyone looking for a James Bond style way to create a mobile hotspot might be interested in these funky WiFi cufflinks that enable you to create a WiFi hotspot by plugging them into a computer USB port. The cufflinks also fitted with flash drives and allow you to store up to a maximum of 2GB of data.
Once setup these nifty wireless cufflinks will then allow you to connect a multiple of devices to your mobile hotspot, including smart phones iPads and tablets, and any other wireless devicesyou may have.
Hotspot Cufflinks
If you are thinking of purchasing these novel hotspot creating cufflinks might be worth your while downloading the additional software and installing it on to one of the USB flash drives just in case you need it when you’re doing some undercover surveillance. You can then install it on any computer connected to an Internet route to provide you and your colleagues with a Private hotspot.
If you are interested in setting up your own wireless hotspots James Bond style the privilege will set you back a hefty $250, and can be purchased from Brookstone.


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