Insta-Fire Braves Even Rainy, Windy Conditions

Insta-fire is another kind of tinder, but promises to be more versatile as it may be used in wet and windy weather.  Insta-fire also burns long and hot, making it very handy when camping out.
The components of Insta-fire include volcanic rock, wood pellets and paraffin wax. It provides very good heat that it could even be used alone even without fuel, it is that hot.
The inclusion of paraffin wax to the mixture makes Insta-fire water-resistant, so those brave enough to light a fire while in wet weather can still find it useful. Insta-fire may be bought in single-use packets and multi-gallon containers. So the next time you need to light a fire in not-so ideal situations like in a windy weather on a camping trip, Insta-fire would surely come in handy.


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