Get Instant Massage With uPixie

Spending long hours in front of your computer could be tiring and may lead to neck and other body pains. Fortunately, there’s a new usb device that could ease the pain away called the uPixie made by OSIM.
The uPixie is very easy to use. It works by plugging it to a USB port and attaching the pads that go with it to parts of your body such as your neck that may be sore after long hours on your computer. The device uses Electric Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to give you that massage without having to leave what you’re currently doing on your PC. The uPixie may be programmed to use the type of massage that you prefer, so it’s pretty versatile.
If a break from work is out of the question, OSIM’s latest product should provide some sort of relief. It is being sold for $170.


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