Did Apple Spend $100 Million On First HTC Patent Case?

Apple is engaged in a number of different patent lawsuits with manufacturers of smartphones that run Google’s Android OS, most notable are the various patent cases against HTC andSamsung.
All of these various lawsuits are reported to be costing Apple a large amount of money, and now according to a recent report by Dan Lyons, Apple spent over $100 million on legal fees in their first patent case against HTC.
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Of course this hasn’t been confirmed by Apple, and we suspect it never will, but the news apparently comes from someone close to the situation, and if true Apple could be spending hundreds of millions of dollars on its various patent cases against Android manufacturers.
The original case between Apple and HTC started out with 84 claims which were based on 10 different patents, by the time the case appeared in front of the judge this was down to just four patents.
Apple did win one of the patent claims against HTC, although it was a minor one and HTC are able to find an easy work around for it, so we do wonder if the reported $100 million that was spent was actually worth it.


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