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Mobile browsing is growing by the minute and if predictions are correct, we could have 1.7 billion mobile web users by 2013. Couple that with the ability to instantly recommend a product or service via Twitter and social networks, it only makes sense to make a site more mobile friendly. I needed something fast, simple and effective to get my site up and running on mobile devices.
Here are a few tips I discovered to make your own website mobile friendly and even attract mobile surfers by providing a smooth experience.s means your language, your content and your pictures. Make the experience fast, specific and relative.
1.) Be concise in what you say. Mobile surfers are on the move; they want the facts, so cut out the fat.
2.) Resize your images or eliminate them. Mobile screens are smaller, which get bogged down with huge banners and fancy art.

If you have a WordPress based website, the easiest solution will be to use powerful third party plug-ins.

1.)WPTouch: My favorite choice, this plug-in takes your site and automatically turns it into an iPhone application-style theme. When a visitor loads the page, the plug-in detects what type of device is accessing it and displays either the mobile optimized theme or the regular desktop theme.
2.) WP Mobile Detector: This is another plug in similar to the WPTouch which also detects what device the visitor is using and loads a compatible version of the site to their phone or desktop.
3.) WPtap Mobile Detector: This plug-in allows you to install multiple mobile themes and then detects the type of mobile device visiting your site. It loads the pre-selected theme automatically for best performance.
If you are not a wordpress user then also its not a problem
1.) MoFuse: Supporting over 40,000 mobile sites, you can reach 5,000+ mobile devices and be sure your site is optimized for every visit.
2.) Wirenode: A website creator with powerful tools, a simple to use mobile editor and a phone simulator to see exactly what your visitors will before they will. You can track and monitor your visitors and it supports 3,000+ mobile devices.
3.)mobiSiteGalore: Touting the easiest mobile website builder available today, this system only takes an average time of 54 minutes to have a mobile site up and live. Unlike other systems, mobiSietGalore boasts a 100% Guarantee to work on any mobile device.


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