Top 4 tips to get on digg’s Front page

As you may know as an internet marketer, Digg is the most powerful tool on the internet for submitting news and getting thousands of views from interested viewers. That being said, in order to get these views, you need people to Digg your submissions, otherwise they will get buried among the millions of other posts with only 1 Digg.
This article contains whitehat methods and blackhat methods for promoting your posts on Digg, as well as the do’s and dont’s for reaching the front page with your content without getting caught by their advanced anti-spam algorithms.
1) Networking with Digg Marketers using GTalk
I’ll Scratch your Back if you Scratch Mine
Of course, If you want people to Digg your posts, there are thousands of people who want the same thing. This is why Digg members post their GTalk usernames in their About Me section and I’ll explain why in a minute.
On Digg, you can click on any user that has many followers and view his followers. This will display a list of people and their About Me text, which will also display their GTalk info, as shown in this screenshot. Go to the bottom of the page and click “Load More” a few times and search the page for “GTalk” and write down all the accounts you see. These accounts belong to marketers who are willing to Digg your pages and send you their own pages to Digg. Download a chat client and add your GTalk account to it, as well as the usernames you may find.
Here is an example of a user who wants to receive votes as well as vote for your submissions.

Spend some time to build up your list and before you know it, you’ll have a powerful network of marketers and all of your posts will gain Diggs easily. This method is slightly blackhat, but If you have Diggs coming from a large GTalk list, your followers, search engines and other Digg users, you will slide by under the radar with hundreds of votes. You might even be able to charge people money in exchange for a certain amount of votes once you get good at it!
2) Dont even try auto digging

In terms of link power and SEO benefit, sometimes you don’t even need votes for your Digg submissions. Just one post with relevant anchor text to your article has the potential to boost your SEO articles up to page 1 in Google within a matter of hours, depending on your niche competition. That’s just how powerful Digg is, but with that power comes the SPAMMERS!
This is why Digg has one of the most advanced algorithms on the internet for catching their own spammers, so don’t underestimate them.
First thing you want to avoid is automated software. Don’t fall into the trap thinking you can create hundreds of accounts and Digg your own posts. You’ll get banned and that’s just how it is. You’ll also want to avoid Digg Monopoly, which is just a huge scam. I watched their YouTube video which demonstrated how it works and the video cuts out before showing results for Digging. In addition to this, all of the submissions on the “Digg monopoly” account only have 2 Diggs.
3) Try to Only Post from Authority Sites with Up-to-Date News
It’s very rare that something that’s just funny or not very recent will make it to the front page of Digg. For this reason, it’s important that you take breaking news, spin a new title that will catch the eye of Digg followers and submit it at the right time.The best time to submit news is 8am-9am pacific time zone. If your page gets promoted to a top story, it will most likely stay there all day.At around 7pm-4am pacific time zone, it’s easier to get promoted to the front page since Digg moderators hate static content sitting on their homepage, so they’ll take pages with the highest votes and promote them just to keep things fresh. This is where the GTalk list comes in handy.


4) Use Online Chat Rooms + Your Real Friends!

One last trick that I can share with you is visiting various online chat rooms. Sometimes I spend hours on these sites just giving people my Digg link, or simply asking my Facebook/Twitter/StumbleUpon buddies to Digg. You enter a chat room, paste your link, exit and repeat! You’ll get a few votes from that, making it easier for you to hit the front page. Once you build up your arsenal of chat sites, these votes will also mix it up a bit, making it harder for Digg to catch you.
There you have it! Now it’s time to put all these tips into practice and get thousands of unique hits before you know it!


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