Could Facebook Shut Down Over SOPA & PIPA?

If you are like many people, you are reading a lot about SOPA and PIPA right now. To get the lowdown, check out this post about how SOPA/PIPA can affect you. Also, watch this video about understanding SOPA and PIPA, and find out if Facebook could actually shut down.
Though Wikipedia is going dark over SOPA/PIPA tomorrow. Many companies actually support SOPA, from ABC to Visa.
Allison Boyer of BlogWorld has a good piece about Why SOPA Scares the You-Know-What Out of Me that talks about a lot of worrisome loopholes. You should also read this article from Daily Kos about the repeated blows SOPA and PIPA suffered over the weekend.
A quick Google search will pull up tons of articles and commentary on the legislation. Read up (be sure to read the actual bills too) and form your own opinion instead of listening to what the mainstream media might be telling you


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