Skype For Windows Update Brings Facebook Video Link, Group Screen Sharing And More (video)

A new update for the Windows version of Skype has rolled out this week by Skype, which beings new features to the communications software. Skype Version is now enabled with full HD recording, as well as group screen sharing. That enables users to share their entire screen or a single application window with other participants on a conference call while continuing to stream video. Watch the video after the jump to see Skype for Windows features in action.
Skype Group
Other useful features in the new Windows Skype package include video calling to Facebook users. Which allows you to now make video calls with all of your friends on Facebook, even if they aren’t Skype users. To start a video call with a Facebook friend, simply choose the person in your list and then click the “video call” option.
As well as a new Push to Talk that enables users that are playing multiplayer games to set a hotkey to allow a quick toggling action to set microphone muting on a Skype call.


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