QuickPix iPhone App Enables You To Record And Snap Photos At The Same Time

If you enjoy recording and taking photographs on your iPhone, you might be missing one of the features which is standard on many DSLR camera and now even compact cameras. That is the ability to snap a photograph whilst still recording video.
Well an application has been available for sometime that will allow you to do just that, called QuickPix. The application is definitely a great addition to the apps carried by the ever growing number of iPhone videographers and photographers who are dropping their larger DLSR and even pocket compact cameras permanently to just take photos on their iPhones.
QuickPix is also equipped with a number of other great features such as QuickPic mode that enables you to take a shot super fast, full resolution bursting, saves directly to the camera roll and rapidFire: Hold still button for full res burst. The creators of QuickPix explain:
“Capturing the moment is something all great photographers aspire to do. And they know it has nothing to do with fancy UIs or bells and whistles. It has to do with raw camera performance. Find out why some of the world’s top iPhoneographers like @DixonHamby have selected QuickPix as their go-to camera app. If it doesn’t become yours, email us and we’ll work hard to make sure it does. Try it today!”
QuickPix is available to purchase from the Apple iTunes App Store for $1.99


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