PS3 4.10 Update Adds Faster Web Browsing

Sony has rolled out a new update to its PS3 console this week v4.10. Which brings with it a number of new minor changes together with faster web browsing. The PS3 4.10 update has made a number of alterations to the PS3 browser with “improved display speed.” and will now display some pages that it previously could not.
PS3 update
The update is also rolling out the name change we have been expecting and a few new terms and conditions which you will need to accept. Sony explains:
“First off, once you download the new system software, you will be asked to accept a change to our Terms of Service. In an effort for more unity between PlayStation Network (PSN) and other Sony Entertainment Network services, your “PSN Account” will now be named “Sony Entertainment Network Account.”
Please note that this change is one in name only and will not change the PSN that you know and love. You’ll still play games online, still have access to the latest downloadable games and add-ons, and still experience a wide variety of movies, sports and music across PSN.”


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