Google’s Motorola Takeover To Get US Justice Department Approval

It would appear that Google is close to getting approval for one of the final parts of its takeover of Motorola, according to a recent report from the WSJ, the deal is close to receiving approval from the US Justice Department.
The report says that Google could receive the approval needed as early as next week, which would be one of the final parts needed for the $12.5 billion deal to go ahead.
Motorola Google
Google has come under scrutiny recently from regulators in the US and Europe, on whether they will license various Motorola patents on fair terms, although Google recently announced that this is their intention.
There are a couple of court cases ongoing at the moment between Motorola and Apple andMotorola and Microsoft, where Google are attempting to claim royalties from both companies on certain patents, although both Apple and Microsoft are claiming that these patents should be licensed under fair terms.
It isn’t clear as yet on whether these two ongoing cases will have any bearing on the takeover of Motorola by Google.


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