Morse Code Twittering With Tworse Key (video)

Are you getting a little bored having to type out your Twitter messages? If you are and fancy giving your Twitter inputs a little bit of a refresh, a new device called the Tworse Key might be the perfect gadget for you. You will need to learn morse code first though.
The Tworse Key is an open design exercise in interface archaeology, that decodes the input from a classic Morse key to send twitter messages. Providing a fully self contained Twittering morse code sender. Watch the Tworse Key in action after the jump.
Tworse Key Morse Code Twitter
The very unique and innovative Tworse Key is a standalone device that connects directly through a standard LAN cable. The Morse signals are then decoded by an integrated Arduino Ethernet board, which delivers the final message though to the Twitter API for posting.
If you fancy building your very own Tworse Key device full source code and hardware schematics are available to view online. For examples of morse code Tweets, follow @tworsekey on Twitter and see Tweets sent from the actual device.


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