Flowfold Water Resistant Tablet Cases Uses Carbon Fiber, Kevlar and Pentex Mix (video)

iPad owners looking for a light weight eco-friendly water-resistant case for their Apple device, might be interested in the new Flowfold iPad case. The Flowfold iPad case is a basic sleeve design which has been constructed using sailcloth made of Carbon Fiber, Kevlar, Pentex or Polyester matrixes sandwiched between Mylar films. From leftover sail scraps that have been recycled, together with a soft inner liner made of recycled bottles to protect your iPad.
The sailcloth used in the construction is normally associated with professional racing sails and has a unique glossy, fibrous appearance, and its unique colour doesn’t come from inks or dyes but simply from the material itself.
The Flowfold has been designed specifically for a case-less iPad, but will protect any similar sized tablets including the original iPad, iPad 2, Touchpad and Xoom. Flowfold explains:
“The cloths used in flowfold tablet sleeves are carefully drawn from scrap, blemish, and discontinued stock. As flowfold production grows so does our network of sailcloth manufacturers, racing teams and individuals whose extra cloth we put to use. Our production process redirects non-biodegradable material from becoming pollution in a landÔ¨Āll.”
The Flowfold iPad sleeve is available for $35 in a variety of colors from Flowfold’s website.
Flowfold iPad Case


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