DVDO Air Wireless HD Media Streaming System Unveiled

DVDO has this week unveiled a new addition to their product range with the launch of the DVDO Air. A wireless HD streaming solution that will enable you to stream HD quality video and audio from a cable/satellite box, Blu- ray, DVD, AVR, etc. to another wirelessly.
The wireless AIR system has been created by DVDO to transfer full, uncompressed 1080p HD, enabling you can watch 3D Blu-ray movies and enjoy full 7.1 channel surround sound without the need for the player and HDTV to be near each other.
DVDO Air WirelessHD
The DVDO Air is equipped with 60-GHz wireless technology which achieves the highest performance and provides interference-free operation. Because other wireless devices such as smartphones and WiFi networks use much lower frequency radio signals, normally under 6- GHz there’s no chance of interference. DVDO explains:
“Whether you have a high-end home theater or a basic setup, DVDO Air is the right solution for you. Performance-wise the competitively priced DVDO Air is top-tier, delivering the ideal picture and sound quality without compromise. DVDO Air is designed to work with other DVDO high-performance home theater components—including DVDO Duo and EDGE Green — so there are no redundant features, which helps save you money.”
Simply connect the wireless transmitters to the HDMI ports on your devices and you are ready to go. The DVDO Air wireless streaming system supports full HDMI compliance and includes 3D and Consumer Electronics Control (CEC), which enables the TV remote to control the source device. More information is available from the DVDO website. The DVDO Air is now available to pre-order for $399 and will be shipping on March 6th 2012.


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