Apple Changes iPhone 4S Reservations In Hong Kong

With the popularity of the iPhone 4S in Hong Kong, many people have become unauthorised resellers of Apple’s latest offering. Naturally, the prices go up when buying from these profit-conscious individuals, putting regular customers at a disadvantage.
To address this concern, buying an iPhone 4S in Hong Kong will no longer be on a first-come first-served basis.
Apple has introduced its own system, which requires an individual to go to a specific web site if they are interested in buying one and fill up a form with personal data such as their ID number.
There are specific hours when such reservations may be made and those lucky enough to be picked will be given a reservation slot and other details for the pickup. In this lottery-style, everybody gets an equal chance unlike the previous system which was subject to abuse by those who want to make a quick profit from the populary of the iPhone 4S.


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