Violet: Karotz Rabbit Thingy Monitors Social Networks

If you are big on social networking and strange gadgets, you will get a kick out of the Violet: Karotz device. This thing was seen at CES 2012 and it is a rabbit that has ears that move along with different colors to alert you of things. It has voice activation software for easy interaction and it can read emails to you.
You can also ask the Karotz device to search the web and play music among other things. It sort of sounds like a rabbity version of Siri. It allows the user to send and receive messages on Facebook or twitter. It also has an integrated webcam.
That webcam allows your pals on the web to take over the Karotz bot and move its ears to get your attention. The device is priced at $129.99 and it’s sort of cute. What do you think?


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