Nerds vs Geeks poster: "Nerds are into Star Trek, geeks are into Star Wars!" Anybody who sees it: "WTF?! Whoever made this doesn't know shit about shit." Geeks vs. Nerds: The Anatomy [bitrebels] Thanks to Shannon, who agrees not knowing anything about anything has never stopped somebody from pretending to be an expert on the subject anyway. I know, I'm living proof.

From our "Money Can't Buy Classiness" department here at Geekologie comes this gold covered Porsche. Some moron with more money than taste has added almost 40 lbs of gold to his 911 convertible. So now it's 40 pounds heavier, and 50% less cool. I swear, what is it with rich people's fascination with shiny things? It's ridiculous. You know what other demographic loves shiny objects? Babies. Coincidence? I think not.
Hit the jump for several close-ups of the gaudiness.

Porsche 911 covered in gold
Thanks Shawn, you want to come over and help me wrap the Neon in aluminum foil?


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