Microsoft Discusses Details On Windows 8 Apps

More details on the use and installation of Windows Store applications on Windows 8 have been announced by Microsoft recently as the store is set to enter beta soon.

A downloaded app from the Windows Store may be installed on up to five Windows 8 PCs only. The restriction is similar to how Apple only allows a certain number of authorised devices on its own ecosystem of Macbooks and iOS devices. The number of apps that may be downloaded on a Windows 8 PC doesn’t seem to have any restriction, so those who love to collect apps have nothing to worry.
Microsoft’s Jonathan Wang also noted that the installation of an app wouldn’t be similar to what PC users have been accustomed to, as they will be allowed to continue using their computer while an app downloads and installs in the background.
Updating apps is also expected to be simpler on Windows 8, as there will be an option to just download the update in the background and give the user an option to decide when to install the update.
The Windows Store is scheduled to enter beta late next month.


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