LomoKino Smartphone Holder Makes It Easy To Digitise 35mm Footage

You might remember the LomoKino Super 35 Movie Maker we featured back in November last year. Well if taking retro movies lights your creative fire, the new LomoKino Smartphone Holder offers smartphone users a very easy way to transfer 35mm LomoKino movies directly onto yourphone.
The new 35mm LomoKino holder attaches to your phone as below and by simply turning the crank handle on the side you can then record the footage directly on to your smartphonetransforming it from 35mm footage in to digital. Making it easy to share and transfer to computers. Watch a video after the jump to see the results.
LomoKino Smartphone Holder
LomoKino explains: ”How cool would it be to digitalize your LomoKino movies using your Smartphone? No need for scanning individual frames. No need to stitch everything together using movie editing software. No hassle! Well, we thought it was time to make that dream come true….”
The new LomoKino Smartphone holder is now available both online and in Lomography stores for around $25.


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