Holographic Games Engine Created Using Kinect And Windows Phone (video)

A new hack using Microsoft’s Kinect motion controller together with a Windows Phone, has been published on YouTube by user programming4fun. Which demonstrates whats possible when you combine the two to create a Holographic Games Engine. In the video after the jump you can see as the 3D engine adjusts the image accordingly adapting to the users position, to give the illusion of a real 3D object.

Holographic Games Engine
The hacked 3D engine also supports anaglyph 3D (red/cyan glasses) to provide an even greater 3D effect in real life. The Window Phone is running a custom application that has been designed to provide controls for the helicopter using the Windows Phone built in accelerometer.
YouTube user programming4fun explains:
“Another quick hack using the Kinect beta SDK and my new Windows Phone (which is great!). What you see is a simple game engine utilizing the pseudo-holographic effect from my other videos. A Kinect “sees” the position of the viewer and the 3D engine adjusts the image accordingly to give the illusion of a real 3D object.”


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