Awesome Fully Automated Lego Brick Sorting Plant (video)

Any Lego master builders out there that have a large amount of Lego bricks they need to sort. Might be interested in this fantastic Lego sorting plant which has been created to demonstrate a factories manufacturing execution system.
The Lego builders over at BrickIt work commissioned by the Dynaway company to build the miniature sorting plant. Which has been constructed using around 37,500 Lego bricks together with 28 motors, 22 sensors including touch, colour and ultrasonic, together with 7 Lego Mindstorm NXT controller bricks. Watch it in action after the jump.

Lego Sorting Plant
The sorting plant project built by BrickIt sorts 2×4 and 1×2 bricks in size and colour, which get sorted directly into pallets in a high bay storage system. When a new colour is detected, an empty pallet in the high bay storage is assigned to that colour brick, and when a pallet is full, a robot retrieves it, and returns a new empty pallet.
The project took BrickIt around 800 hours to build and around 250 hours to program all the necessary Lego Mindstorm NXT controllers to streamline the sorting process. More information about the project can be found over on the BrickIt website.


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