Samsung Galaxy S III gets enterprise-friendly version in the US, wears a Pebble Blue business suit

Samsung Galaxy S III gets enterprisefriendly version in the US, wears a Pebble Blue business suit
When Samsung launches its all-out blitz on the US with the Galaxy S III, it'll be targeting boardrooms as well as pockets: the Android 4.0 flagship will be the company's first American phone certified for its SAFE (Samsung Approved for Enterprise) program. Regardless of the carrier, the American Galaxy S III will handle 256-bit AES encryption as well as offer better support for Exchange, remote management and VPNs than what you'd normally find coming from a Google-powered device. Samsung describes it as a way to "defragment" Android for companies that want consistent guarantees of how the OS will behave in the office, and the firm is confident enough that it's offering trade-in discounts for those who want to swap an older device for the secure phone, whether or not it's part of a corporate deal. SAFE-ready examples should be arriving by July and could save you from having to bring an ancient company-supplied phone on summer vacation.


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