Animal Rights Group PETA Has Finally Launched Its XXX Site

Animal Rights Group PETA Has Finally Launched Its XXX Site
Today, animal rights advocacy group PETA, known for its at times provocative ad campaigns, finally launched the long-awaited adult website.
The NSFW domain is only the latest approach PETA has taken in collaboration with the adult entertainment world; for years XXX stars have appears in print ads, showing their support by wearing nothing, because "only animals should wear fur."
"This site has some of the most explicit and jaw-dropping videos I have ever seen, and that says a lot," says legendary porn king Ron Jeremy, in a video welcoming visitors to the site. In this and other videos, high-profile members of the adult entertainment industry explain what PETA means to them and why they care about the humane treatment of animals.
For an industry the revolved around sex to promote the spay-and-neuter party line is just clever enough to make sense as anything more than an attention-seeking stunt: sex is precisely the reason why there are so many animals euthanized every day, month and year.
Collecting all of its adult content in one easy-to-access place is sure to gain PETA some extra attention. The site has enough adult content to qualify for the .xxx domain, but also some other graphic images of animals that viewers may not expect to see, PETA's Lindsay Rajt told the Huffington Post.
Sure enough, beside a button marked "Sexy Photos" that brings up a page of lingerie-clad ladies holding PETA signs, is another marked "Hardcore Videos"—hardcore videos yes, but not the kind you may be used to. This page features videos of various types of animal cruelty: factory farms, abused circus animals, scientific testing, etc. is perhaps the only example of porn and animals coming together, in socially acceptable, morally non-repugnant way—except, perhaps, for the furry fetishists of the world. [Image courtesy PETA]


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