Ting Now Launched with Contract-Free Mobile Services

Some users may recall Tucows from the time that they used Windows 95. The company, whose name once stood for The Ultimate Collection of Winsock Software, was once famous for offering shareware packages.

Today however, Tucows is no longer popular for shareware but aims to be a popular company once again by means of launching a new mobile phone service called Ting.
Ting, which is on the Sprint network, offers contract-free services, allowing users to pay based on their actual usage, much like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile. It attempts to set itself apart, however by giving special reimbursements for text, data and voice allotments that have not been used by consumers. For budget-friendly users, this is good news, as it basically means more savings.
Because of the absence of contracts, Ting subcribers must pay for their mobile phones initially. Among the 4G-capable handsets currently available are Zio ($105), Optimus S ($155), Transform ($245), Conquer 4G ($295), EVO Shift 4G Detail ($395), and Photon 4G ($545). Feature phones such as the Samsung Reclaim ($45) and the M360 ($65) are also available.
As for the rates, Ting offers $3 for a 10-minute voice plan, and $9 for 500 minutes. Meanwhile, $3 is the cost of 100 SMS messages, and $11 for 4,000. Data rates are a little higher, however. The cost of 100MB is $3, $24 for 1GB, $42 for 2GB.
The good news is that there is no additional charge for tethering or hotspot connections.


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