Squid Shirt Lets You Get Fit The Geeky Way

A new innovation called Squid could be the answer to your wish of merging tech and fitness in one comfy and breathable bundle.
Of course, wearable fitness trackers have already been around for a some time, such as apps that monitor calorie intake, heart rate, and running distance covered. However, Squid offers a unique take by combining several of these technologies at once.
A three-part invention by students at Northeastern University, Squid combines the capabilities of a sensitized compression shirt, an app for smartphones, and an online fitness manager.
These three integrate with the goal of helping users monitor their progress, automating tasks such as measuring muscle activity or counting reps. It does so by attaching electromyography (EMG) sensors, nicknamed the Squid’s “tentacles”, to the body by means of the specialized shirt, similar to a technology developed by companies such as Under Armour.
It processes the information it receives from the shirt in real-time and the data is also synchronized with the user’s smartphone and personal account on the Squid website.
It does have some limitations, such as it cannot tell the difference between types of exercise you do. Nonetheless, if you’re a fitness buff who is also a tech junkie, this system seems to hit home.
To date, it is unknown when Squid will be available to the public.


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