SOOT Kindle Fire Acoustic Kickstand

Amazon Kindle Fire owners looking for a little more audio pleasure from their new Kindle Firetablet. Might be interested in a new design which is just starting its journey from concept to production. The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand has been designed specifically for Amazon’s Kindle Fire tablet and provides the tablet with a sound stand equipped with an acoustic chamber.
The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand comes supplied with a removable credit card-sized ‘foot’ that tucks into the back of the sound chamber, providing a simple stand for viewing media or listening to audio, as well as holding your Kindle Fire tablet when not in use.

SOOT Acoustic Kickstand
SOOT explains:
“Our idea is to create a chamber that channels the sound forward toward the user instead of away. We’ve also designed a slot into the back of the chamber that you can slide a credit card into to prop up the device.
The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand plays well with most existing book-flap cases out there, so there’s no need to remove the chamber when you’re looking for protection on the go. Simply remove the card, tuck it between the chamber and the Fire, and you’re good to go.”
The SOOT Acoustic Kickstand will soon be arriving on the Kickstarter website, so if you think its something you could benefit from using, jump over and keep an eye out for its arrival and make a pledge to help it get started.


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