Saunders Divulges BlackBerry App World Downloads

The BlackBerry DevCon Europe has become the perfect place for RIM’s VP for developer relations, Alec Saunders, to rectify a misconception about BlackBerry smartphones and its App World.
While iOS and Android users may seem to be downloading by the truckloads, Saunders saidBlackberry users around the world are also doing the same. He noted that the BlackBerry App World has registered over six million downloads per day. This translated to 174 million downloads per month.
Saunders also noted that it is profitable for developers to continue making apps for Blackberry, saying that App World has given about 40% more revenue for developers when compared to the Android market.
BlackBerry’s Saunders is hoping that the latest figures would be enough, at least for now, to convince many that the App World is not lacking in download activity which is the common perception, and that there’s a profitable business waiting to be harnessed for developers.


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