Sadly, Peek Is Discontinuing All Of Its Services

This January marks the end of Peek’s email services. This text-driven communications device had been on sale for two years past, from about 2008 to 2010. It was available in various models, such as the Peek Classic, Peek Pronto, TwitterPeek and the latest release, Peek 9.
Peek devices, which resembled QWERTY keyboard smartphones such as the Blackberry, had a distinctive niche. It offered an alternative to users who don’t need all the integrated services of regular smartphones, which may commonly be used for a host of functions such as email, SMS, browsing, and social networking.
Instead, it aimed to specialize and simplify by offering just a limited number of functions, such as mobile email only for the Peek Classic, or SMS plus email for the Peek Pronto. It cut costs and was a good solution for budget-conscious mobile users.
Peek CEO Amol Sarva himself confirmed that all services that they previously offered will no longer be available. Sarva cites changing network requirements as the reason why the company is discontinuing its services. Ultimately, it appears that the company is no longer able to handle high maintenance costs of the services it offers.
The company, however, is not closing completely. To cope with the changes, the company is now in a business called Genius Cloud, which will help improve smartphone functionality in the future.


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