Round-the-Clock Bracelet Watch Concept

We have featured many different types of concept watches here on Geeky Gadgets over the years, but this innovative bracelet style watch called the Round-the-Clock. Brings a unique twist to time telling.
The Round-the-Clock watch concept has been designed by Kőrös Benedek, and includes three bands which travel a full 360 degrees around the bracelet, on the right side of the bracelet.
Round-the-Clock Bracelet Watch Concept
The bands have been designed to show the hours, minutes and seconds and unlike other concept watches where the time is tricky to read. The Round-the-Clock provides the exact time thats easy to read even with a glance.
The Round-the-Clock watch is constructed from a combination of modern materials including : stainless steel, plastic and rubber. It sports modern curves which make it stand out from tradition watch styles, but unfortunately the Round-the-Clock watch is still just a concept at the moment. But you never know a watch manufacturer like Tokyoflash might well help to create the design in the future.


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