Roland iModela iM-01 Mini 3D Mill Machine, Does The Opposite Of A 3D Printer (video)

As 3D printers become more affordable and start to make the their appearance in homes, we are sure to see new enterprises evolve, and owners creating weird and wonderful printed goods.
But as well as 3D printers there is also another methods available if you need to create solid object from blocks, the 3D mill. Rather than adding plastic to make a products a 3D mill uses a small drill bit to remove the excess material from a block of material t create your desired final products. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
iModela iM-01
There are pros and cons to both styles of reproduction, but the advantages of using a 3D mill rather than a 3D printer are that you can be much more precise about the shapes that you make, and things come out looking far cleaner.
The Roland iModela iM-01 pictured above is one of the new mini 3D Mill machines which have started to appear, and is priced at around $1000. The iModela iM-01 has been created to provide hobbyists with a machine that will cut through wax, foam, balsa wood and plastics and has a working area of 86 x 55 x 26mm, with a resolution of 0.01mm.


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