PSN Down Until Midnight PST Tonight

If you’re at work right now and are counting the hours until you can go home and spend some quality time with your friends on the PlayStation Network, we have some bad news for you. The PSN has been down since 6 AM this morning and will be down through midnight Pacific Standard Time tonight.
PlayStation network

According to Sony, most online gaming will be unaffected. Sony also claims the people who were already logged into the PSN, should be able to remain logged in. However, there will be some services that aren’t available until tomorrow. Those services include the PlayStation Store on the PS3 and other Sony devices.
You will also be blocked from accessing PSN account management, PSN account registration, and HomeMusic Unlimited. Video Limited services will also be unavailable. Sony says this is for routine maintenance, but scuttlebutt is that Sony is getting ready for the launch the Vita in the US.


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