Nike+ FuelBand Gets Dismantled At The FCC (video)

Nike’s new fitness monitor unveiled last month has now made its way to the FCC and has been dismantled revealing its inner workings. The Nike+ FuelBand has been designed by Nike to keep track of calories, steps and time, to name a few. As well as Nike Fuel, a new goal value which has been created that you try to achieve each day. Watch the video after the jump to see it in action.
Nike+ FuelBand
Nike+ FuelBand is equipped with a single button and is 100% waterproof allowing you to swim and shower with out a worry. The Nike+ FuelBand also features 20 performance LEDs, 100 white informational LEDs, bluetooth and a built in UDB plug. Currently the Bluetooth connection only works with Apple’s iPhone app, but Nike says more devices will be supported very soon. The new Nike+ FuelBand is available to purchase for $150. Engadget explains:
“A long peruse of the user manual revealed that the two metal extender links (for bigger-wristed enthusiasts) have to be swapped out using a sizing tool — but the manual notes that if one isn’t to hand, a bent paperclip will suffice. The documents also revealed that it’s using a TI CC2564 Bluetooth radio and a stack provided by Stonestreet One. The monopole antenna is etched directly into the substrate of the flexible circuit board — ensuring it’ll bend around your bones and still operate. We also learned that once connected to your cellphone, it’ll sit in a low-power “sniff mode,” for two minutes and if there’s no further activity it’ll shut down.”


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