Microsoft Flight 2012 Launching February 29th

Gaming aviators looking forward to the launch of Microsoft Flight 2012 will be pleased to know that its launch date has now been revealed as February 29th 2012 by Microsoft on their MajorNelson Twitter account.
The new Microsoft Flight 2012 game will be launched as a free game to download and play, providing you with Hawaii as a map to fly around. If you then fancy a little more space to explore other areas are available at extra cost to purchase. Watch a demo of the new Microsoft Flight software in action after the break.
Microsoft Flight
When designing the new game Microsoft have played particular attention to the performance of the game.
“To achieve this, we constantly monitored game performance metrics across a range of hardware configurations and reacted each time we saw a new feature or code change that caused a dip below the established thresholds. The end result is that Flight looks fantastic on a brand new PC, but because of the emphasis on performance throughout development, it also runs well on older desktops and budget laptops.”
Microsoft has designed its new Flight simulator to bring a new perspective to their franchise, with new gameplay elements, an enhanced scenery and terrain, new aircrafts, and an integrated content marketplace.


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