McAfee Mobile Security Gets Update

There’s nothing like having your mobile phone secured and with McAfee updating their app for Android, Blackebrry and Symbian devices, you can be sure you’re covered against mobile viruses.
McAfee has recently announced an update to its Mobile Security to 2.0 and will now include a wide array of features such as the Complete Anti-virus, Anti-spyware, Anti-phishing Protection and even call filtering.
Android users even get an added bonus as they will be able to run McAfee’s App Protection.  What the App Protection does is to evaluate a given app of your choosing and McAfee tells you what data it is accessing and how it is transmitting it. Good for those times you want to make sure how the app uses your personal data.
The update is free to current users of McAfee. If you’re a first time user, the app will cost $29.99.  A worthy investment if you’re using your smartphone frequently.


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