Lumia 710 Call Disconnect Bug Confirmed, Fix To Be Ready Soon

Nokia disclosed that it is working on a fix for a certain bug reported by some Lumia 710 Windows Phone users wherein a call does not end even after hanging up.
Nokia Lumia 710
The bug is a software issue and Nokia said it is close to a fix for the bug to allow users to see a display showing that the call has been stopped or has ended. Currently, some Lumia 710 users see the call still connected on their display even after pressing the end button.
Nokia explained that the call has actually ended after pressing the end button, which is the normal procedure, but there’s a certain bug on the display preventing it from showing the end of the conversation.
Some users were turning off their phones to make sure that the call has ended but Nokia said it is no longer necessary since the call has really ended, just that the display states otehrwise.


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