iPhone 4 and 4S Cellhelmet Case Covered With Insurance

A new iPhone 4 and 4S case from Cellpig offers more than protection for the popular devices. This case actually comes with a year of insurance, allowing it to stand out from the wide array of cases available in the market.
The product is called the Cellhelmet. Made from thermoplastic polyurethane rubber (TPU), the so-called ruggedized case feels like a flexible type of rubber without the rigidity of plastic. It is designed to withstand possible damages such as being stepped on, dropped, or hit with a hard object, for which situations, the device will be covered with insurance.
However, this insurance does not cover water damage. In cases where the insurance coversthe damage, users will have to file claim through their 1-800 number, which will require a proof of purchase from a customer service representative.
The user will then send the phone to Cellpig along with a handling fee of $50, and they will fix the unit and send it back via UPS. Otherwise, if the damage is too extensive, they will replace the phone. This insurance also covers unlimited repairs as long as it is covered.
Apart from this durable protection, Cellpig is also concerned with aesthetics, and users will be happy to know that the design was made as less bulky and unattractive as possible. The case comes with interchangeable backplates, which comes in a rainbow of colors.
The Cellhelmet retails for $44 and is available to US and Canadian residents.


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