iPad 3 To Feature Quad Core A6 Processor?

We have been hearing rumors about the iPad 3 for the last few months, the device is reported to come with a new Apple A6 processor, and now it would appear we may actually have some information about the A6 processor.
According to a recent report by the Boy Genius Report, Apple’s iPad 3 will feature a quad core A6 processor, as they have apparently obtained some information on the hardware in an iPad 3 prototype.
iPad 2
The photo below is from a debug tool called iBoot, and it apparently shows data on the newiPad 3, if this turns out to be accurate then we will see a Wi-Fi only iPad 3 and one with Wi-Fi plus GSM/CDMA/LTE.
iPad 3
This would make the iPad 3 the first device from Apple to be compatible with 4G LTE networks, and if this turns out to be correct, then we could expect a 4G LTE compatibleiPhone this year.
You can find out more information of what was discovered in the debug tool, and also see lots more screen shots over at the BGR.


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